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    Trade Violation Rules

    Raining Bullets
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    Trade Violation Rules Empty Trade Violation Rules

    Post by Raining Bullets on 6/13/2012, 9:42 am

    There is nothing more frustrating than dealing with unresponsive owners. Per Rule 2.03.2 DURING THE SEASON an owner MUST respond to a trade offer within 96 hours of a trade being proposed. You do not necessarily accept or decline an offer within this time frame. However, you do need to at least acknowledge it, and if you are pondering the offer, please extend a courtesy email to your fellow GM letting them know you are considering it. DURING THE OFF-SEASON you must respond to said offer within two weeks.

    If you propose an offer and an owner fails to respond within this time frame, the team that proposes the offer may post the offending team, the trade proposed as well as the date and time it was proposed. (All trades are time stamped). If a team is found guilty of not responding to 3 such deals within the course of a season (Feb 1st - Jan 31st), that owner will have his trading privileges revoked for the remainder of the season. Plain and simple, if you do not have the decency to respect a fellow owner enough to respond to an offer, why should you have right to make an offer to someone else?

    Obviously, if an owner has a legitimate reason for not responding, then this can be reviewed and overturned. However, simply not responding to an offer is pure laziness and will not be tolerated.

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