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    Ulterior Warrior and Good in Da Hood


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    Ulterior Warrior and Good in Da Hood

    Post by UlteriorWarrior on 10/9/2016, 12:51 pm

    1)Steve cannot use 1.11 or other firsts to bid on Jordy's pending tag. If he does then Steve sends 2.09 to Ryan (automatically upon bidding, regardless of who wins Jordy). 2) if Diggs goes over 1000yds the 2ND Rd from PG is to become a 1st. If that happens AND PG 1st becomes earlier pick than Hood's 1st, then Steve gets better of the 1sts. 3) if AP plays less than 9 of 16 regular season games due to injury AND Diggs reaches 1000 yards AND PG and Hood make semis or better, Rybo gets better of PG's 1st and Hood's first. If AP plays less than 9 of 16 regular season games due to injury AND Diggs fails to get 1000 yards, and Steve and Cutting both make the playoffs, then Ryan gets the better of their 2nd round picks. (The last part obviously refers back to Steve vs Cutting picks, which was understood by all parties involved at the time of the trade.)

    Sorry this took Steve and I 5 months to post.
    Raining Bullets
    Raining Bullets

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    Re: Ulterior Warrior and Good in Da Hood

    Post by Raining Bullets on 11/11/2016, 11:43 am

    For confirmation...spoke with Ryan today and we agree that the Diggs deal AND any other deal down the road is conditional ONLY through Fantasy Season. Weeks 1-16. Unless it specifically states through NFL season.

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