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    2013 Cap Penalties

    Raining Bullets

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    2013 Cap Penalties

    Post by Raining Bullets on Mon Aug 27, 2012 11:25 pm

    Players Listed along with Total Salary Cut

    Cranium Krushers:
    $85K Total
    Hightower ($6K)
    Hardesty ($10K)
    A. Smith ($8K)
    A. Smith ($5K)
    T. Young ($20K)
    F. Davis ($36K)

    Wetter Than Dutch Dikes $44K Total
    Starks ($5K)
    Helu ($21K)
    Holmes ($7K)
    Hixon ($5K)
    Royster ($6K)

    Avril ($8K)
    Washington ($10K)
    Cutler ($16K)

    Blake Bombers $67K Total
    Fitzpatrick ($10K)
    Meachem ($17K)
    Redman ($30K)
    Edelman ($5K)
    Bolden ($5K)

    BTNH $19K Total
    Moss ($6K)
    Tamme ($7K)
    Posluzny ($6K)

    EBNER's FLOW $6K Total
    Vereen ($6K)

    Pure Greatness $28K Total
    Gresham ($14K)
    Hillman ($14K)

    White Power $28K Total
    Ry. Williams ($14K)
    Cassell ($6K)
    Moss ($8K)
    Good in Da Hood $7K Total
    P. Peterson ($7K)

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    Wetter than Dutch Dikes

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    Re: 2013 Cap Penalties

    Post by Wetter than Dutch Dikes on Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:12 pm

    way to beat Shanahan to the punch!

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