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    Pure Greatness and Raining Bullets

    Raining Bullets

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    Pure Greatness and Raining Bullets

    Post by Raining Bullets on Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:09 am

    CONDITIONAL OFFER: If Antonio Gates finishes the season (Weeks 1 - 16) ranked 6th or better for the Tight End position, Raining Bullets will exchange BTNH's 3rd round pick for Pure Greatness' 2nd round pick in a trade with Pure Greatness

    This will mean I can not trade your 2nd rounder in any future deal until the 16 weeks have passed. If Gates finishes in the top 6, then we will make the switch once the new season goes into effect. And you must keep BTNH's 3rd in order for this Conditional Offer to be valid. If you decide you want to trade it in another deal, the 2nd round offer will become null and void. If you accept, I'll save the details of this offer in the forum for "record keeping" purposes.

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